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Squirrell Food

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Come see [Artist Robert M  Worth Jr] at Artist Become
Come see Artist Robert M Worth Jr at Artist Become
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Photo Marketing USA & Artist Garden specializes in memories-commercial, industrial, personal, and events.  Plus, we are publicists for several other photographers who have product for sale.

Here, we showcase all of our artists in event and specific galleries.  Many of our artists have product for sale.  The links to the products are on the right under Web Sites.

We capture memories, the spirit of the moment, fleeting horizons, which allow you to 'remember when' as time rolls on

We specialize in memories, web site management, brand promotions, and event-commercial-personal photography

We are Dragon Technology Consultants Corp practicing photography as a specialty through the Photo Marketing USA and Artist Garden brands.


Saturday, November 24, 2012 - Photography in Frames Are Shown Towards End of Video


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Published professional photographer specializing in photography from any angle.  We play with natural light for the best exposure and value.  Some of our work looks at paradoxical moments in time. While the rest of it is concentrated on natural aspects looking for the best of the best.


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